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14 Hilarious and Misleading Job Titles

From a director of first impressions, to an underwater ceramic technician, what do people with these job titles actually do? You might be in for a surprise!

6 Interview Horror Stories

From pretending the room is on fire, to singing songs and putting their feet in your face – interviews can get out of hand!

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20 Perfectly Timed Photos That Sum Up Exams

From the terror before the exams actually hit, to the impact of a question you haven’t prepared for. These perfectly timed photos sum up your exam stress!


Best of the Web 26/1/14

In our webtastic round up of viral phenomena this week: A Christian pamphlet design backfires, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus morph into the same person and we bring you  the cool cat skateboarding sensation.

Best of the Web 19/1/14

In our webtastic round up of viral phenomena this week: we have scare tactics used to warn parents about the danger of chat rooms, an overly cautious tourist amusing commuters and a terrifying prank haunting New Yorkers.

Best of the Web 12/1/14

In our Best of the Web round up this week, dogs feature twice – stealing lunch and stealing cars; we have some perfectly timed photos and Boris Johnson Makes an appearance, but who steals top spot?

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