Graduate Profile

Role: Consultant

Company: EY

Degree: Psychology

University: University of Warwick


Q. Have you received any formal training before starting your job at EY? What were the key skills that you have learned during your training?

I completed 2 weeks of formal training. On top of this, I will be studying for the CIMA. The training was very hands on. We did different tasks such as analyzing data, conducting interviews and delivering presentations. Predominantly, I developed my analytical skills as we were taught how to look at issues on a deeper level. Overall, the training  experience required a lot of teamwork as you were working in groups for all the activities.


Q. Describe in brief what happened on your first day at work?

Before I arrived at the office, I was feeling extremely excited yet nervous of course.. However, I soon met other people who felt the same way which was comforting. The first day required little from us new joiners. We watched several presentations and later on in the day, we were split up into different groups and did some activities. The most exciting part of the day was meeting my peers and getting to know other people. No part of the day was scary at all, EY made us feel very relaxed. Everyone we met from the firm was great to talk to and very friendly. They were more than happy to offer advice, talk about their role in the firm and give insight on how to make the most of your career at EY.


Q. Did your first week on the job change your initial expectations of your role?

The training gave me a better understanding of the job. Initially, the role seemed rather mysterious and vague so the training actually illustrated how varied the responsibilities are and why consultants do the tasks / activities they do in order to help their client.


Q. Most embarrassing incident on your first week?

I always give myself an hour and ten minutes to travel to work, when door-to-door it is supposed to take 38 minutes. I rely on the Northern Line to get to the office and for 2 days in a row (during my induction week) it had broken down. Walking in late on both occasions was pretty embarrassing.


Q. Imagine one of your friends was starting a consulting graduate scheme at EY, what advice would you give him/her?

Keep an open mind, look at information from different angles. The nature of the job requires you to be relatively creative.


Q. Which task made you most nervous during your first week of work?

During the training, we had to do a task that relied on Excel. I hadn’t used Excel in over 4 years so I was feeling quite nervous about doing any work on it. There was a deadline we had to meet and I felt as if I was experimenting with Excel rather than solving the problem. However, my team member who was a star with Excel was happy to give me some tips and I was able to complete the work on time.


Q. Any great perks in the office?

We are given a company laptop. Also, everyone loved the lunches/dinners we were given for the 2 weeks of training!


Q. What did you enjoy the most during your first week at EY?

I loved that I was being challenged from day 1 of training and every day I was learning something new. For the first few days it pushed me out of my comfort zone, but this made me realize the different ways that a task can be approached.


Q. What is the thing that you dislike the most about your job?

At this stage, I do not know what my day-to-day role will consist of exactly so I cannot tell just yet!


Q. Top tip for your friend facing a final round interview, could you share it with us please?

Final round interview with a Partner-smile, listen to what they say and ask insightful questions. Be interested in their job. Ask about how you can sculpt your career here.


Q. Do you often have après work drinks with your colleagues? Have you got any interesting stories from your work outings you would like to share with us?

We often go out for drinks after work, which is always fun. There is a local bar that is the hot spot on Friday after work for Happy Hour. Mixing with people who have joined the firm a couple of years ago is always great, we are always happy to listen to their stories.


Q. Three words to describe your first impressions of EY.

Engaging. Strategic. Empowering.